The story of Boisvert Chevrolet Buick GMC began in 1983. Guy Boisvert knocked on General Motors' door and applied for the Blainville territory, which had been left vacant since the 1980 recession. He obtained a loan from Motors Holding, a financing division of GM, to help new dealerships. "The last official documents were signed on Coca-Cola cases," says Boisvert. Without waiting, he bought the property of a former Chrysler dealership and on October 4, the first new cars (Pontiac 6000, Buick Skylark and the famous Pontiac Acadian) arrived!

At the time of the opening, there were 14 employees, including Jean-Claude Boies, who was then the assistant sales manager. Although their sales forecasts were for 600 new vehicles, 1108 new vehicles were delivered in 1985, a performance of 185%, only two years after the opening. The growth continued for several years.

In 1986, a reception area for the after-sales service and a dedicated area for used cars was built.

In 1988, in view of this important growth, Guy Boisvert joined forces with Jean-Claude Boies, and they became the company's management team. A new building was then added to the impressive dealership to house the body shop. The mechanics' workshop was moved into its space, which was then left vacant.

In 1993, the showroom was expanded and the facade was refreshed to General Motors standards, the "Winning Image".

In 1998, Jean-Claude Boies was named Vice President and General Manager and a new truck center was created to sell and service GM's medium W, Top Kick trucks and for the mechanical service of motorized recreational vehicles.

On March 27, 2000, a major fire destroyed the main building. The outcome of this disaster shows how loyal and close-knit our team is. Despite this misfortune, the level of sales is maintained and a new building is built in record time. In November, the entire team moved into the new dealership! "Looking back, we like to say that we had the biggest fire sale in history," says Mr. Boies with humour.

"In 2009, an important step, we acquired Sainte-Thérèse Auto and by the same token, the Chevrolet banner. This acquisition allowed us to survive the disappearance of Pontiac and to avoid the forced closure by GM's reorganization in 2010 following the major financial crisis.

We thus become Boisvert Chevrolet Buick GMC" says Mr. Boisvert. In 2011, Boisvert Isuzu was added to the dealership for the sale and maintenance of trucks following the abandonment of the medium-duty truck line by GM.

In 2012, the facade is redone with the new image of Chevrolet. In 2013, André Trottier joined forces with Messrs. Boisvert and Boies and became General Manager. The year 2019 marks an important change in the shareholding of Boisvert. A new group of shareholders acquired the dealership, namely the Monahan-Desautels Group.

It is composed of Ray Monahan, Roger Desautels III, Guy Caouette and Jennifer Monahan. Mr. Stéphane Martel and Mr. Kevin Boies, who are already part of the Boisvert Chevrolet banner, are chosen as new partners of the banner to ensure continuity in the excellence of the customer experience.

"Today, we are proud to count on a team of more than 120 employees and to be recognized among the "leaders" of the GM dealer network in Quebec for our sales of new and certified pre-owned vehicles, our fleet division and our customer satisfaction. Since 1983, our goal has always been and will remain to serve our customers with honesty and respect. We are convinced that Groupe Monahan-Desautels will take up the challenge with brio," added Mr. Guy Boisvert and Mr. Jean-Claude Boies.