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Charging Stations

There are several options for charging an electric vehicle. First, a Level 1 charger, which operates on 120 volts, is provided with the purchase of an EV. Although very useful, this option is not the most popular because of the time required for a full charge. We therefore suggest having it as a plan B, in the case of a weekend at the cottage or at a friend's house.

Secondly, public networks such as Circuit Électrique and FLO are available to you. These networks allow you to plug in at more than 2500 points in Quebec, generally at a rate of 1$/hour. The Quebec network is constantly growing and it is possible via a mobile application to view the locations and availability of a charging station and even to pay for its use.

Third, more and more companies, such as Boisvert Chevrolet Buick GMC, are making charging stations available to their customers and employees.

Finally, for a faster and more efficient residential charging station, the most popular option is to install a Level 2 charging station, which operates on 240V.

Charging stations popular with our customers

The vast majority of our customers choose to purchase a residential charging station made in Quebec. These stations have the advantage of being designed and tested for Quebec winters. The cables and connectors are less likely to freeze in the cold. Quebec's Flo, TechnoVE and EvDuty charging stations have excellent reputations. TechnoVE charging stations have the advantage of charging BOLTs at full power (32A) rather than the usual 30A.

OmniBorne de Rosemère regularly advises our customers to help them choose the best charging station for their new car, home or business.

One more grant?

The Quebec government's Go Green program provides a home terminal rebate of up to $600.

Some municipalities also provide financial assistance. For example, the City of Mirabel provides $250 for eligible electrical work and $100 for the acquisition of an eligible charging station.

***Tip*** Before choosing the location of your terminal, consider that the closer the installation is to the electrical panel of your house, the faster and more economical it will be!

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